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nexTone CampuSRadar


A web based Educational ERP Solution

CampusRadar is an Educational ERP from nexTonecodes Private Limited, To fulfill the needs of an institute in different domains of the education business which can be implemented at Institute Level or University Level.

It is best suited for educational institutes, groups and universities providing all functionalities required with some special features generally not available in other ERP solutions

  • Anytime and anywhere access
  • Unlimited licenses for Management, HR, Directors, HODs, Faculty Members and Students
  • Cloud Ready
  • Value for the money (ROI) with nominal cost of implementation
  • Local Support
  • No Internet Requirement
  • Least Hardware Required
  • Multiple Environment Support for Linux, Windows, Mac

Common Modules

Society or Trust Management

This section will manage all trust or societies under which the colleges are running along with the members of the society and trust. The system can manage the multiple colleges under multiple societies or trusts at the same time to help the management for reporting on financial part, employee Management, Student, Management and document management.

College Management

This section will manage all the colleges for which system is to be implemented. It can be a single college or group of colleges running different courses from different universities and other affiliation bodies.

Personal Profile Management

This section will manage all the employees and management working for the organization in different departments at different positions like Management People, Directors, HODs, Administration, HR, Permanent Faculty Members, Visiting Faculty Members and Student etc.

Everyone will have their unique Permanent Identification Number (PIN)

Role and Authority Management

This section will place the people working in the organization for different layers to manage the control in the system, who can see what and who can manage what. It will help in authorization process for approvals of many things in different layers.

One can assign their own roles to others in their absence without giving their passwords to others e.g. if Director is on leave then they can assign Director role to someone in the organization till he/she returns back for approvals of many things like Leave Approvals, Time Table Approvals etc.

They can also define a time period for that authority after that it will automatically revoked by him/her

Document Management

A section to manage the documents generally required for to be re-printed or send by via emails many times asked by different bodies and government organizations.

Management of these documents will be based on role management

Course and Subject Management

This section will manage all the courses available in the college along with the subjects to be taught by faculty members to the students along with their syllabus. It will help the subject allocation for faculty members and students for time table management and student attendance.

Holiday Calendar Management

This section will manage the holiday calendar for the year visible to all the employees and students in their section

Academic Calendar Management

This section will manage the academic calendar for the current semesters having full detail about the study days, examinations and other information.

Administrator can define the academic session start date end date, events etc…

Student Section: Academic Module

Student Admission (Pre Admission Process)

This module belongs to the admission process of the students. This will help the front office staff to manage the queries related to admission and respond them properly. They can also check no of admitted and non-admitted student, so that management can work efficiently towards more admission. A better analysis can be done like which course or branch is maximum in demand, from which area maximum candidates are enquired, conversion ratio etc.

Marketing Support with Bulk SMS and Bulk Email (Pre Admission Process)

This section provides the bulk email and SMS on the data provided in the system to send the emails and messages to the prospective candidates. It can also be used to as part of analysis how effective this media is in admissions.

Short code Integration (Pre Admission Process)

A code can integrated their short code service directly with our system if they Internet connectivity and provide better query system. It can also be used to check which advertisement media is effective in which region of the country for admissions.

Student Profile Management (Post Admission Process)

This belongs to the student admitted in the institute. You can manage their profile, their personal details, enrolment number, roll no, qualifying exam, semester, academic year etc…

The system will work based on unique personal identification number (PIN) even if they students don’t have any roll no allocated from university.

Time Table Management

Time table module set up the time slots for a subject, faculty, classes, room no.

Student Attendance Management

The attendance module is handles the attendance of student, according to subject including theory, practical and tutorial classes. You can easily find the percentage of attendance of a student in a semester or year.

Assignment & Project Management

In this module HOD/Faculty can define Total no of assignment taken, and the max marks of each assignment. They can also manage the project of final year/semester student, faculty assign to a project etc…

Examination Management

Admin can decide the examination date of the internal exams. You can do all the things related to exam, reports, allowed/detained student.

Result Analysis Reports

A system to get different reports of the students based on examinations, attendance etc. which can help to detain the students if required

Employee Section: Leave and Attendance Module

Employee Profile Management

In this module Employee can see all his/her personal and professional detail.

Employee Attendance Management

This module deals with the attendance of the employees. They have to punch twice in a working day. There are many statuses i.e. Present, Half Day, absent according to the punching time or number of hours worked by the employees. Employees can view their attendance from their profile.

System provide instant attendance on the Dash board of the Management, Director and HR along with the employee

We can use Biometric machines with Thumb, Card or Phase Recognition. Charges of hardware will be extra as per demand.

Employee Leave Management

In this module you can define type/nature of leaves, no of leaves yearly assign to faculty. Employee can apply leaves online/cancel request for their approved leaves. They can view the status of previous leave requests. They can also view their total leaves present in the account, approved leaves.

Administration Section: Admin Module

Administration Profile

In this module, Administration can view personal/professional detail of any employee and student. Attendance, Leaves requests and their status, salary and budgeting etc.

New Employee Recruitment

Joining of new employee can be done by this module. His/her personal information, salary etc. can be decided and verified in this module

Salary and Payroll Management

These modules deals with the salary and payroll of employees, HR/Admin can generate the salary, and this will verified by the account department (if exists). TDS and Advances can also be detected in this module. Admin can view the total/department wise/individual amount and many more reporting related to salary and accounts.

Other Add-on Modules

Placement Management

Placement module handles all the issue related to placement of a student. Placement cell can create a separate account of a student for the placement. Placement cell has the complete records of the company, executives, and no of rounds taken by that company, no of selected student by that company etc...

This module also contains a sub module called Reference Management which can help the placement officers in searching the companies to start the placement process.

It also provide a system to show the company details to the to the candidates, if they want to apply themselves

It also provide direct search for our eligible candidates to HR of any company via our websites and call for interviews.

Alumni Management

A module to provide details about the pass out students and provide interaction with those students. Alumni can help in better placements and trainings. They also make our brand value if we can manage them properly.

Assets Management

The Assets management Module helps to maintain all the stocks, inventory and sale/purchase of goods. This module is useful for the institutes which maintain with trading of goods in hostel, sale purchase of books etc. Using this module you can enter purchase and sale transactions, maintain the stock of all goods, view inventory reports.

Library Management Module

Library management can manage the libraries of that institute/university. It may be central or departmental libraries. Department library can be accessed by the department only and central library can be accessed by the all. You can search a book, request a book, and see your previous requests status. Additionally, you can manage the records of publisher, supplier and distributor, bills, stock, Fine Master, Transaction Master etc…

Transport Management

Transport module handles all the things related to transport. You can add college or Private transporter in our ERP. You can add vehicle, routes, student to this module. You can also define stoppage, charges for that route according to their destination.

Hostel Management

Hostel management modules deals with the allotment of rooms to student and staff. Supply and collection reporting, hostel reports etc

MIS Reporting

The most attractive part of our ERP is reporting. We have provided various kind of reporting. Some of these are:

  • Employee Attendance daily and monthly
  • Leaves Report according to their status i.e. pending, approved, rejected
  • Salary Reports
  • Route Delay Report (transport management)
  • Total Employee Report with all their Details
  • Total Student Report (Year Wise , College Wise, Course wise etc..) Customized search
Event Management

Events are managed in this section. Institute has various has various cultural and sports events occurred periodically. This can be managed by this module. It can be used to show a picture gallery and videos of the events

Payment Gateway Integration

We can integrate the payments online using payment gateway of bank or third party like Pay Pal, CC Avenue etc.

The parents and students can pay their fees, anytime and anywhere using their credit cards and debit cards

Cloud Development

We can develop a cloud to manage data from different locations using different service providers to help better management of data.

It can also help in disaster management when something goes wrong with earth quake, fire and other related issue.

Product Documentation

An institute can ask for printed manual for their implementation which can help in smooth running of the system. Electronic version will be provide free in PDF format

Implementation Time: Three to Five Months
Testing Time: 1 Month
Full Implementation Time: Six Months
Terms and conditions
  • Service Tax will be extra as per Government Norms
  • Hardware and software required for implementation will be provided by the institute
    1. Operating System: MS Windows 2007+
    2. RAM : 4 GB+
    3. HDD : 500 GB+
    4. MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 (Window mode disabled)
    5. Visual Studio 2010/2011 with .NET Framework 4.0/4.5 f. NAS Backup Device
    6. Biometric Devices (if required)
    7. Biometric Scanner (if required)
    8. Face Recognition Device (if required)
    9. Biometric ID Cards ( if required)
    10. Barcode Reader (if required)
    11. RFID Reader (if required)
    12. Structured Cabling or WI-FI Systems
    13. Power Backup
    14. Antivirus
  • Networking quality and availability will be responsibility of the institute
  • Power backup will be responsibility of the institute
  • Data feeding will be responsibility of the institute. If institute wants to feed the data by our staff then Rs 30rs per record will be charged extra.
  • Training will be provided to the staff to manage the administration
  • If some networking support required, charges will be extra on actual bases
  • If some modules need to be provided on Internet, a global IP will be provided by the institute or university.
  • Offer is valid for 30 days

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